Health is the greatest gift,
contentment the greatest wealth,
faithfulness the best relationship.
— Buhha


Kara discovered her love of fitness at a young age, growing up running, cycling, swimming and horse riding on a farm in Kentucky.  Kara followed her mother and aunt to aerobics class from a young age, and taught her first group fitness class at the age of 15 at an American Heart Association fundraiser.  When the group instructor had a family emergency, Kara stepped in lead the group through two hours of unplanned cardio and fell in love!

Kara's first fitness job was at a YMCA in Louisville, KY in group fitness instruction, where she received certifications in group fitness instruction, fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle, personal training and indoor cycling.  

Kara went on to finish undergrad and law school with honors in 1997, and began working to serve the underprivileged, all the while teaching fitness classes, training for road races and triathlon.  Kara's most important job came in 1999, when she married Bob Sprague from Lake Orion, and in rapid succession welcomed Caroline, Henry, and plenty of dogs in her life.  Running races and keeping up with kids took its toll on her body and Kara developed painful disk degeneration in her spine, stress fractures in her feet and arthritis.  Pilates, once a way to stay in shape, became a way to heal.  Using Pilates to rehabilitate and cope with various injuries, she fell even more in love with it and is now stronger and healthier than ever.  Pilates became not only body altering but also life-altering for Kara!

Kara's goal for you when you walk into Mueva is to give you a great workout that suits your individual fitness level and for you to enjoy it!  Kara believes feeling good is more important than looking good and can't wait to welcome more people to the Mueva fitness family. 

Kara is certified in Group fitness, indoor cycling, R.I.P.P.E.D., yoga and many subcategories.